Will Fractional C02 Permanently Remove Deep Pores and Little Scars?

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Fractional CO2 & Pores

Fractional CO2 will certainly help improve the appearance of pores and make them smaller. It will also help fill in and smooth out scars as well. In fact, it is the gold standard for scars on the face. Depending on the severity of scars, between one to three treatments might be required. Dr. Behnam.

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Fractional CO2 for deep pores, rosacea pores, and scar revision in my Santa Monica practice

Large pores are active, functioning elements of the skin and cannot be eradicated with an ablative laser.  That being said, the Fractional CO2 laser has been an exciting and effective laser to resurface large pores and improve scars.  In Los Angeles and Santa Monica, many patients with large pores and rosacea ask about the CO2 laser for pores. I have found that it is an amazing laser resurfacing tool for these patients.  Most skin types will require pre and post treatment with Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM with the laser.  Melaquin AM contains four sunscreens and several skin lighteners to pretreat the skin with fractional CO2 laser.  

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