Had Frac. Co2 Laser Face/neck 6 Days Ago. Neck is Extremely Dry, Raw, Red, Wrinkled? Face Healed Great. Will This Tighten Up?

When I move my head side to side they are so many lines/wrinkles that were never there before. I'm told that once new skin grows and hydrated- it will be improved. I was looking for neck tightening. I'm 42, so it wasn't bad. I'm so scared that it will now be worst? Is this common?? Please help. PS used lower freq.on neck & is world renown.

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Neck isn't healing as well as face after Fractional CO2

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Remember first that results of any CO2 will take a few months to fully develop. This is how long it takes new collagen to form and skin to fully resolve after CO2. The neck skin is much different than the face, and so yes, healing there is different. Lower frequencies absolutely should have been done there, just as you said. If you have any questions, follow up with the physician who performed your treatment. (I'm sure you have a follow-up scheduled soon anyway.) But yes, you should expect different parts of the body, like the face, neck, or chest, to have different healing times. But you've got to give it some time.

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