Fours Days Post Mixto Treatment with No Signs of Peeling.

I had the mixto treatment on my chest four days ago. I show no signs of peeling. Is it possible not to peel? I use aloe vera instead of vasaeline. Should I switch? thanks

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Mixto Peeling May Not Be Visible and May Have Not Yet Started

The beauty of Mixto fractional laser resurfacing is that it is truly customizable.  Without knowing your skin and settings used by your physician it is impossible to comment on your particular case.  That stated most non-facial resurfacing:

  1. will peel for up to 14 days
  2. energy levels are set lower than for the face so as not to harm skin while at the same creating beneficial changes
  3. need a series of treatments

I do not have my patients use Vaseline nor aloe vera.  Please discuss the post operative regimen with your cosmetic surgeon.

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