I Am Forty and Had Thermage Eye Done Yesterday. Protective Disks Were Not Inserted for Entire Procedure. What Are the Risks?

I had thermage eye done yesterday. My physician had a difficult time inserting the protective eye disks. She had to perform the proceedure with it partially in, and even then it was terribly painful. Are there any risks to my eyes and will I still have results?

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The protective disks must be inserted.

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In order to perform Thermage around and on the eyelids, a patient must receive pre-treatment oral analgesia. Then an anesthetic eye drop is placed in each eye (we do one eye area at a time), and then we use the specially designed Thermage eye tip. The results can be very dramatic and the patient only has the one day of downtime (the day of the treatment) because they have received a little bit of oral sedation and they should not drive on the day of the procedure. The Thermage eye tip has 450 pulses in it. This enables us to pass multiple times over the upper eyelids, directly over the eyes, and up to the brow line. The Thermage eye tip is specially designed to treat the naturally thin skin of the eye area.

Safety studies were performed in Canada several years ago, showing that pulsing without the disks is probably safe, but I suggest that you have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist to be sure.

Alpharetta Dermatologic Surgeon

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