Best option for breast explant? (Photo)

Which is best option for breast explantation enbloc with pocket plication or implant removal only to allow for potential fat grafting to upper pole in the future. Would pocket plication help slightly fill the upper pole. My teardrop 250cc gummy bears are 13 years old and I breast fed 4 years 2 pregnancies with them. PS says I have 2 cm of breast tissue if need be I am open to a breast lift but he doesn't think I need one. Would scarring from plication or lift prevent future success with graft?

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Pocket plication with implant removal

Pocket plication with internal sutures after implant removal may not help upper pole fullness much but if your implants are under the muscle then plication will help to re-attach the muscle and prevent problems. i have seen several cases where the implants were removed, even with total capsulectomy, and there was persistent animation deformity because the muscle was not re-attached.

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