Veneers for crowded teeth with lower over bite? (photos)

I'm 20, and I have always been self conscious about my teeth. Financially braces do not fall in my price range. I've already had consultation and it costs me $6,000 just for braces without insurance. Aside, I have to get wisdom teeth taken out and root canal. A couple extra thousands. Question is, could I still get veneers?

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Ortho first then #veneers? #DrSoftTouch

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I would recommend moving forward with wisdom tooth removal and root canal. After having these issues taken care of, I would recommend orthodontics to correct the alignment of your teeth and whitening to brighten your smile. Fixing your smile with veneers before orthodontic treatment would likely cost three times as much as ortho alone. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.


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if u r avoiding dental treatment just because of cost, best option for u is dental tourism. u will save upto 70% on your dental treatment.

Don't do Veneers. They are not indicated in your case.

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First of all, pathology should always be treated first as a dental infection places you at a significant health risk.  So, treat the abscessing tooth first by either Root Canal Therapy followed by build-up and crown or by Extraction. These are the only acceptable options for an abscessed tooth.  
Once you are out of danger you should proceed with orthodontic therapy.  If you go to veneers without first straightening the upper and lower teeth, you will have to have a lot of enamel ground off of your teeth and the crooked lower teeth will function way too heavily against the upper teeth/veneers and cause them to break. 
I think that orthodontic therapy using Invisalign followed by whitening will give you the natural smile you hope for.  One other important item would be to consider a gum lift to expose the enamel which is not visible due to being covered by the gum and probably some underlying bone. You likely have beautiful, natural teeth and could have a beautiful, BEYONCE smile if you are treated by the right Cosmetic Dentist having the knowledge and ability to address all of the things necessary in you case. I performed two gum lifts this week on patients for whom I also just completed Invisalign therapy. They both have previous restorations and fracturing on their front teeth and they are doing Conservative, Thin Veneers with me in about 6 weeks.  At 20 years old, you probably do not need veneers at all. Just get evaluated for Invisalign, Whitening and Esthetic Crown Lengthening (Gum Lift) procedures and allow a talented Cosmetic Dentist to let your natural, beautiful smile come alive!  I have treated many people who have been self-conscious about their smiles just like you mentioned, and made that a distant memory for them.  This is what I love about what I do!  This dentistry can be very affordable with financing and planning on your part regarding what you really want to do. Once presented with options, so many of my patients just forgo other things because they value this for what it can do for them and how they feel every day for their whole life forward.  By simply not spending $2.19 a day for 10 years on a Starbucks or other beverage, you would save more than enough to do the treatment I outlined and live your life with a smile you love and share with the world every day of your whole life.

Douglas Jopling, DDS
Dallas, TX area

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