Squamous cell carcinoma on my forearm. The first appointment with plastic surgeon is April. Should I wait? (Photo)

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma - Can I wait?

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Thank you for your question.  This is a difficult question and there is not a right answer, but generally, once you are diagnosed with a skin cancer, I would suggest being treated as early as possible.  For one, you do not know how long the cancer has been present and also if it is treated early, a local excision may be all that is required.  Otherwise, the skin cancer can invade and erode the local tissue and in advanced cases spread to other parts of the body.  In my practice, if a patient is being referred for any sort of cancer, they are seen within a week because the goal is to treat them early.  No one patient is the same and many factors have to be considered when delaying treatment.  I would suggest seeing a plastic surgeon as soon as the diagnoses has been made.

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