Post TT leg swelling getting worse? (Photo)

I'm 3 weeks post TT and have swelling in my upper thighs. My legs feel heavy and are significantly swollen. I sent pics to my surgeon and was told swelling is normal but the swelling in my stomach is getting better while my legs seem to be getting worse. I'm concerned and want a second opinion. The swelling started in my upper thighs and now my entire thigh seems bigger. Has been this way for a few days. If it's getting worse it's gradual and I can't tell. Thoughts?

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Swelling in leg post TT

HI kitkat,

 You should definitely see your plastic surgeon now or better yet , a good internist or just go to the ER. Swelling in the leg post TT can  be caused by a blood clot in the leg, which can sometimes progress to other more serious conditions , such as a pulmonary embolism. The first test that the ER  might do is a Doppler venous ultrasound which
is painless and can easily diagnose a blood clot.
Please follow up on this condition today.
Dr. Christine Rodgers

Denver Plastic Surgeon
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