Porcelain crowns were placed today on both lateral and central incisors and 1 canine. Any suggestions?

I feel movement in one of the laterals as well as one of the centrals. I can wiggle them with fingers; I told him immediately and he said that the movement will subside and that strong cement was used. When I had my temporaries on I could also feel a wiggle; when he removed them, there was a bad smell indicating bacteria had gotten underneath the temporary. He thought it was because I was not flossing; I suggested we use stronger cement and the next removal of the temporaries there was no smell.

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Loose teeth or loose #crowns #DrSoftTouch

Hello there,
I would recommend seeing your dentist to have your teeth evaluated.  He/she will determine whether the crowns are loose or you teeth are loose.  Loose teeth can result from periodontal issues, but another possibly is that your bite is off.  If this is the case, a bite adjustment would be recommended. Once your bite is balanced, your teeth should be less wiggly, though this will take some time. Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.

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