What order should these be performed? Chemical peel, laser resurfacing, botox and Restylane?

want to have a chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing, botox and restylane but was wondering in what order should I have these performed?

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Botox, chemical peel, laser and Restylane? Is there a best order?

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Skin resurfacing (chemical peels, some lasers) can help improve the skin surface, texture and color.   Skin augmentation with fillers (Restylane is one) help support tissues below the skin surface. Botox and Dysport (drug)  injected near certain overactive muscles can reduce skin 'wear & tear’ and skin looks better.    So all of these are very helpful in the health and appearance of the skin and face.   We have performed all of these sometimes in a single session. We usually prefer to work from ‘deeper’ to more ’superficial’ so we usually begin with fillers and end with peels and/or lasers.  

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My approach is Restylane, chemical peel, laser resurfacing and finally Botox

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It is best to do fillers before distorting the skin with other procedures.  That is why I use Restylane first.  Chemical peels are often used to blend regional laser resurfacing.  It is important to do the chemical peel first so that chemical as not applied to freshly resurfaced skin.  Laser resurfacing can be performed regionally on the skin and blended onto or over a chemical peel but not the other way around because chemical applied to freshly resurfaced skin will penetrate too deeply and unpredictably. Finally, Botox can be used as the final step.  After injecting Botox, I do not like to use other procedures to manipulate the skin and spread Botox to adjacent unwanted areas. I do these types of combination treatments all of the time with excellent results.  It allows me to do "one-and-done" procedures for patients without a lot of down time. 

Mark Taylor, MD
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There is no value in having both laser skin resurfacing and a chemical peel.

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Botox and restylane filler is routine performed at the time of light chemical peels.  Generally these services are not performed at the time of laser resurfacing because local anesthesia needed at the time of the laser treatment can disrupt the botox and Restylane treatments.  The first set is finding the right cosmetic surgeon.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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