What is a Good Healing in a Chronic Wound?

My incisions from liposuction have been open for 2 months, no swelling, hotness or pus they feel like a deep hole or dip and my ps says they are healing good and I been putting neosporin and cover them with bandages. how long will take to completely heal? is it ok to cover them with liquid bandage? this is my second question and still no answer that actually help. Please I will really appreciate some advice.

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Chronic Wound after Liposuction

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    I remember the first question.  This is not normal.  Please see your plastic surgeon to followup.  No one is going to be able to treat this issue without an exam.  If they have been open for two months, the wounds are becoming more chronic, and you may want to see someone about having the margins excised and closed.  Once a wound becomes chronic (beyond six weeks or so), it is less likely to heal on its own.  This is assuming there are not other variables at play.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA    

Incisions draining after liposuction

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Sorry you are having a difficult time.  It is not normal to have a wound 2 months after liposuction.  I would not cover it with liquid bandage.  Are you seeing your plastic surgeon regularly?  He/she might reccomend a different woundcare regimen to help healing.  Without an exam or at least a picture it is hard to comment on what that regimen would entail.  Good luck.

Open Liposuction wounds.

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I also remember this question about your liposuction scars.

  • •No, do not apply liquid bandage.
  • Do not use antiseptic soap.
  • Do not use neosporin.
  • Wait 1 week. Are incisions Still open? See your surgeon. 

Poor wound healing

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If an incision from surgery has been open for several weeks or months and is not closing down, what can be done?

First of all, this is not normal. It may stay open because of a foreign body, radiation, infection, skin lining of the inside of the wound, tumor (extremely rare) or poor nutrition.

This issue needs to be addressed by your surgeon so that the underlying problem is solved, then the wound will close down.


James Motlagh, MD
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

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