Fractured orbital rim treatment. Any suggestions?

is a orbital rim implant the only surgical treatment for a fractured orbital rim i really wanna get my eyes fixed it a major flaw on my face it grabs my attention evertime i look in the mirror .but id prefer not to go into implant i just want my eye to go back to how it use to be befor the fracture is that possible without a implant .?

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Orbital Rim Fracture

I am assuming you have a healed orbital rim fracture with an indentation now. The most assured treatment method is building back up the bone with either an implant or a bone cement. Fat grafting can also be done but that is less assured and is not the type of tissue that is actually causing the defect.

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Fractured orbital rim treatment. Any suggestions?

Hello Lexrod221,
If you just had a fracture of your orbital rim then the best treatment is to have it surgically repaired using titanium plates depending on the fracture.  If the fracture happened long ago and you did not have it repaired, then there are ways to improve your appearance.  However, a lot of that will depend on what your photos look like.  There are permanent implants, fillers, and other surgical procedures that may help.  I'd recommend you consult with a facial plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon to learn about your options.
I hope that helps and good luck.  

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Fractured orbital rim treatment. Any suggestions?

Sometimes filler injection can help with asymmetry but cannot comment accurately without seeing photos. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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There are many different types of rim fractures.

Acutely, surgery is directed at reducing the fractured bones, which is doctor speak for putting the bones back together as best as possible.  Unfortunately the orbital rim is critically responsible for the projection of the cheek bone and this often looks collapsed after this type of injury.  There is no substitute for a personal assessment but I have have had success in placing a hand carved orbital rim implant to augment the orbital rim as part of an eyelid reconstruction.  Please consider providing a photograph to help us be more specific.

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Orbital Rim Fracture

Repair options really depend on multiple factors:  location and age of fracture, degree/comminution of fracture, presence of any functional deficit (ie, vision impairment), and degree of cosmetic deformity.  A full physical examination and review of CT scans of the facial bones would be necessary before a surgical plan could be implemented.   I would consult with a facial plastic surgeon who is experienced in facial trauma and facial reconstruction.  Good luck!

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