How easy is it to displace an implant in the days immediately following surgery?

I am 48 hrs post op from having an under the muscle silicone implants and breast lift. I know tightness and burning is normal discomfort post.op. While moving around the bed and getting up and around the house using my hands and arms with caution, my right breast is feeling tighter and I have a fear I may have done too much and "displaced" my right breast implant. I have not raised my hands above my head nor have I lifted anything more than 1 pound. Am I having irrational fears? Or should I be concerned?

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Displaced Implant 48 hrs Post-Op?

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While it is unlikely that you have displaced your implant, it's always a great idea to call your surgeon's office and check it out if you have concerns. In the early days following surgery, it is very common to experience tightness, burning sensations and other discomfort without any problems being present. It is part of the healing process.

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Early breast concern

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Thanks for your inquiry, it is best to discuss your early concerns with your surgeon, without an exam it is difficult for the rest of us to advise.  Good Luck and speedy recovery.  

If all looks the same, you're probably fine

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Unless there has been a visible change in the result, you are probably fine despite what you "feel." But go back in to your doctor to have a look.

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Post op concerns

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Thank you for your question. You are probably OK. If anything physically changes you need to contact your PS. If one side is lot larger than other or Lot more pain than other you need to contact your PS. Otherwise please follow instructions from your PS

I think you are worrying too much

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At this point in your recovery, it is much too soon to be worried about the outcome.  It takes time for the implants to settle into position and the skin and muscle to stretch out to accommodate the new implant.  It may be 6 months or more before the shape has reached its final look.  Be patient.

Implant moving

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It is hard to displace the implant and normal motion around the house should not do it.  Tightness is normal and pain and stretching of the muscle is expected.  Also, it is common for one breast to feel different than another because they are different surgeries on different sites.

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