Does breast augmentation cause cancer?

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There is association of rare kind of lymphoma with breast implants. It is rare but has been reported.

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Breast augmentation and cancer

Breast augmentation has NOT shown to cause breast cancer. There is an association with breast implants and a certain type of lymphoma, but there is no causal relationship. This means that the implants themselves have not been shown to cause the lymphoma but it has been seen in women with breast implants. Of millions of breast implants placed, there have been around 200 reported cases of this lymphoma in the entire world, so as you can see from the numbers it is extremely low. Of these 200 cases, the majority of them have been seen in textured versus smooth implants.  The bottom line is that it does not cause breast cancer. There may be an extremely loose association with implants and this particular type of lymphoma. More research has to be done, and is currently being done. This should not cause you any alarm. At this time breast implants  are quite effective with a very good safety profile. The incidence of breast cancer  in women in general is 1 in 8 without breastimplants. Hope this puts thingsin perspective for you.

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Breast augmentation does not cause cancer

Your concerns are valid regarding breast cancer. However, breast implants used for breast augmentation have never been shown to cause cancer in women. Breast implants are the most thoroughly researched medical devices placed in a human body, and there have been no links found between implants and cancer. That being said, women aged 40 or over should continue to have annual mammograms whether or not they have implants. In my practice, I require women aged 30 and over to have a screening mammogram before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

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Does breast augmentation cause cancer? = no, it does not cause breast cancer #breastaugmentation #cancer

it has been long believed that breast implants, specially silicone filled breast implants could cause breast cancer. That's why the silicone filled implants were banned int he US for a little while. After extensive research it was found that neither silicone implants nor saline filed breast implants cause breast cancer. Therefore, the silicone implants were re-approved by the FDA and re-introduced to the US market few years ago.

There has been a incidental association of breast augmentation with a rare type of lymphoma of the breast. However, this is very rare and there is no direct causal relation ( up to date) between breast implants and this type of lymphoma.

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