How soon after an infection can I get another breast augmentation?

Hello, i got a breast augmentation. 10 days later had a hematoma behind the left. Got it removed. 7 days later had an infection. Got both implants removed via emergency. So i had 3 surgerys in 1 month and have no implants. When is it safe to try to get a breast augmentation again? Or is it not possible now?

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Breast Augmentation Following Complication

I am sorry to hear about your experience! As rare as this circumstance may be, trying another augmentation too soon can put you at risk for another infection. Give the tissue some time to heal, about three-six months, then if you still want the procedure you should consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon. 

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How soon?

Thanks for your question. I would recommend waiting at least 6 months prior to proceeding with additional surgery The reason for waiting is two-fold. First you want to give your body time to completely heal after the last surgery. Infections can lead to inflammation and scar tissue and you want this tissue to be as soft as possible before attempting additional surgery. Secondly, in depends on what caused your infection. Some type of bacteria can be persistent and you may need to treat some infections longer than others. Your surgeon is your best source for recommendations as to when it's safe to proceed again. Good luck!

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How soon to repeat breast augmentation after infection?

I would recommend waiting at least 6 months for repeat breast augmentation.  This will allow time for your breast to heal and decrease risk of recurrent infection and give the best possible result.  Best of luck

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Wait 6 months

With the information you have given waiting at least 6 months would be the safest option before placing implants again.

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Dr. Ravi Somayazula

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Infection with breast implants

I am sorry to hear that you have had these problems as they are very rare.  Depending on what type of bacteria caused the infection may be a deciding factor as to when implants can be put in again.  Three to twelve months is the best I can say without knowing more details.

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How soon after an infection can I get another breast augmentation

A general rule is wait a minimum of 3 months after having the implants removed to even think about going back in for replacement. 

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Breast Augmentation Complication

So sorry you had this problem! You should check with your surgeon, but usually it is best to wait at least 3-6 months before you replace the implants. Good luck!

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How soon after an infection can I get another breast augmentation?

I am sorry to hear of what you have been through.  In my opinion you need time to recover and for the tissues under your breast to normalize.  I would not attempt another breast augmentation for at least 6 months and ideally a year.  Of course follow her surgeon's advice who is familiar with your case.

Hematoma and infection soon after augmentation - when can I have surgery again?

Thank you for asking about your breast augmentation.

  • Oh, my gosh - what a terrible and unusual experience!
  • I am glad you are ok now.
  • Is your surgeon a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?
    If not, please have your next operation done by one.
  • You have a higher risk of infection at your next operation.
  • Typically we wait 3 months to replace an implant but in your case, I might recommend waiting as long as six months, for more swelling to subside.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes, Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

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How long do you have to wait after an infection can you replace your implants?

Sorry to hear about your problems following a breast augmentation.  Unfortunately, infections do happen although they are rare.  Since an implant does not have a blood supply, antibiotics will not treat an infected breast implant; therefore, if the infection is severe, the safest course of action is to remove the implants.  Typically, you have to wait for the infection to resolve completely, and for your tissues to soften up and not be so inflamed prior to replacing the implants -- about 3-6 months.  Definitely discuss your questions with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck!

Anureet K. Bajaj, MD
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