Abscess on outside gum right below crown facing bottom lip. Anxiety very high. (Photo)

This crown barely a month old. had a root canal done before the crown. went through a lot of pain when permanent crown was put on for many days. each time I went back he adjusted the height of crown but it wouldn't help. Then the crown started to wiggle and he adjusted it down to the metal so its not longer touching teeth. Pain is gone but cant eat off of it yet without hurting and yesteady the abscess came. On antibiotics day 4 second round. wants to wait and see. either bridge or implant.

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Abscessed tooth

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Yes, you do appear to have an abscess forming. This could be because of several problems. Did an endodontist do the root canal? If the same dentist did the root canal and crown you might consider visiting a specialist to have the root canal evaluated. It also appears you have a hole in the top of the crown, which will become a problem long term. I suggest not waiting until this round of antibiotics is complete. Call your dentist today.

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