29 y.o w/ L breast pain for 2 years after Silicone Implants, No CC. PS to do capsulectomy & replacement. Muscle/Tissue related?

I had a 304 and 339 under the muscle silicone implants 2 years ago. 2 months later i started having left breast pain, mainly under my areola. When i push on my implant my tissue feels bruised around the breast. No lumps or swelling. What could be causing my pain? is a capsulectomy a good idea if I dont have CC.

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Breast pain after a breast augmentation

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Hi and thanks for the question. Discerning the cause of breast pain is difficult to do without examining you primarily. Given your presenting story, a capsular contracture may be the culprit - however this no guarantee that a capsulectomy will relieve the pain. An alternative treatment consideration would be a trial of Accolate. With a lack of success or change in clinical symptoms after 3 months, I think a capsulectomy is a reasonable consideration, assuming the remainder of your exam does not suggest you need further studies, such an an ultrasound, mammogram, or MRI. I would confer with your surgeon to find the best treatment plan for your particular case.

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Dr. Vallecillos 

Pain after Breast augmentation

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It is unusual to have the type of pain that you describe without capsular contracture 2 years postop. I do understand your surgeon's recommendation because release of even a thin capsule may help if the capsule is pinching a nerve. It is hard to make a hard recommendation without physical exam, but ask your surgeon about a course of anti inflammatory medication. This may help. Good luck.

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