Do your eyebrows fall out when a hairline transplant procedure is done?

I read this somewhere and almost fell out of my chair. I have a awfully huge forehead and want it reduced but heard that when this is done your eyebrows fall out, I have big eyebrows and I do NOT want to lose them...Or is this only when you get a eyebrow transplant done? This is worrying me so much, I want to fix my hairline badly but must keep my eyebrows!

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Eyebrow Loss after hair transplant

The eyebrows should not fall out or become thinner after a hair transplant procedure in the hairline.  If this has happened, it would be an unfortunate case of the hair transplant surgeon missing a case of alopecia areata or frontal fibrosing alopecia.

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Hairline transplant - do I need to worry about eyebrow loss?

Eyebrows do not fall out from hairline transplants for hairline reduction procedures for women with congenitally high foreheads. 

*****Any woman who had a hair transplant for the frontal hairline and then experienced eyebrow loss should be evaluated by an experienced board certified dermatologist for two hair conditions:
1. frontal fibrosing alopecia
2. alopecia areata

But women who get hair transplants for genetic hair loss or congenitally high foreheads do not experience eyebrow loss

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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Do eyebrows fall out with a forehead reduction?

Eye bros have, to my knowledge, never fallen out with a forehead reduction surgery and that would make no sense to me as the entire surgery is done above the eyebrows so that there will be no impact on the eyebrows. 

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Eye brow

 Doing hair transplant on to scalp should not have any effect on the eyebrow hair loss.  If you are experiencing hair loss in your eye brow you need to see your doctor for advise.

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Eyebrows should not be affected

A hair transplant at the hairline or anywhere on the scalp will not cause your eyebrows to fall out.  If your eyebrows do fall out because of a hair transplant on your scalp, then something has gone terribly wrong and you need to see your doctor.

Only when you get an eyebrow transplant will the transplanted eyebrows fall out and then grow back. In some instances, the non-transplanted eyebrow hair may suffer shock loss and fall out but will grow back later.

As always, consult a good hair transplant doctor.  He will be able to answer all your questions in person.

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