I did my tt on 10/13/16 and now I have the flu. What can I take?

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I did my TT on 10/13 and now have the flu. What can i take?

Thank you for sharing your question and I am sorry to hear of your flu development.  Though you should be safe to take any symptomatic control medications - you may want to discuss the potential use of Tamiflu to decrease the duration of your symptoms.  Best wishes.

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What Can I Take?


It would be best that you ask your Plastic Surgeon this question. They may have restrictions on medications and supplements which affect bleeding/clotting for a time post op.

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Flu after tummy tuck

I'm sorry you now have the flu. 

Hang in there. You can take over the counter medications to manage your flu symptoms, such as theraflu or tylenol cold. These can be safely taken with most narcotics and muscle relaxers, but be sure to let your doctor know that you are combining these medications. 

Best wishes in your recovery,

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Flu after surgery

Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your situation,  I suggest you call your plastic surgeon to discuss because the rest of us do not know what medications you are on after surgery, what medications you normally take, your general health, etc.  You need to know what decongestants, cough suppressant, and possibly anti-viral agents your surgeon will approve.  They may enlist the help of your primary care doctor.  Good Luck.  

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