After 4 rounds, I have experienced no results yet: no inches off, no easier pant fitting, appearance, or skin tightening.Advice?

I started last spring and finished early summer. The machine from Cutera was brand new. Is it possible it was faulty? Not sure what to do. I spent $1,600 and got zero results. I don't mind spending the money if there is ROI. I'm almost 8 months past starting and 4 months past finishing my procedure. My doctor forgot to take pre-procedure pics, but took them throughout, so won't offer any remuneration. What can be done?

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Trusculpt advice

I am so sorry that you had to experience this. Trusculpt works best for mild to moderate excess of fat and mild to moderate skin laxity. Maybe your provider did not use adequate settings. It is always important to choose experienced provider. Good luck!

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