Tummy tuck Skin Necrosis Concern with Drainage? (Photo)

I had a TT 5 weeks ago. I was healing great and then I developed skin necrosis, which I know is not uncommon. My surgeon cut it away and then pulled the skin down and stitched me back up. Two days later I ended up very red and swelling started and of course put on antibiotics. I have read here that you should not restitch which is why I am wondering if what my surgeon chose to was the best method? Obviously what's done is done .. I trust him .. but just looking for other opinions. Thank you!

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Tummy tuck issue

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It is sometimes ok to remove what looks like necrotic skin before it opens up completely and revise the closure.  This is on a case by case scenario. Follow closely with your surgeon. Good luck.

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Tummy tuck question

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It is okay in certain circumstances to excise the necrotic area and suture it closed. When doing this it's important to make sure that all of the dead tissue is excised and that there are no signs of infection. It sounds like your surgeon is very attentive and is on top of your situation. Discuss your concerns with them and follow their advice.

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