Can't Workout After Gyno Surgery. Any suggestions?

4 months since I had moderate gyno surgery with lipo. Workedout 3 weeks ago and I swelled up. The swelling has not fully gone down since then. If I walk for an hour or longer.. the next day I am very swollen, it looks 50% as bad as it did before the surgery. I'm still sore when I touch the surgery site, and it's not comfortable to sleep on my stomach because it feels like pressure. I am swollen to 40-50% of pre-surgery. Is it normal to still be sore 4 months after surgery?

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Pain and swelling after gynecomastia surgery

 Healing process can last up to six months. Increased swelling with exercise is not uncommon, but majority of swelling should have gone down after three months. It is best to have a follow-up examination with your surgeon to make sure the healing process is going smoothly. #swelling #Exercise #Postop 

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Gynecomastia surgery and swelling

Yes, swelling can persist for many months and will fluctuate with acitivity.  Pain is unusual at 4 months but possible. Best to review with your surgeon.

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