Timeframe for necrosis post BA?

What is the time frame necrosis is most likely to appear post BA? Also what are signs of necrosis vs normal healing? I am 2.5 weeks post op. I had some very hard scabbing around the nipple and also around my nipple piercing which was fully healed before the surgery. Most of the scabbing fell of on its own and the skin underneath is very smooth and although stretched, it appears normal. Some scabs remain, but not as bad as before. How long is necrosis a possibly post BA?

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Skin necrosis

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Thank you for your question.It would be beneficial for you to upload some photo’s because without them it is hard to give you an accurate opinion. There really is no exact time frame because everyone’s body’s heal at different speeds, but you can look out for signs like pain in the area, skin discoloration such as dark red or black, tingling or burning sensations and decomposition or infection. I would really recommend that you have your surgeon examine the area if you are concerned about skin necrosis because if you do it then you want it treated as quickly as possible before it leads to infection.
Best of luck in your recovery.
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Necrosis after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your post and questions.  Without photos, it's very hard to even begin to give you an answer.  There is no set time frame for healing.  Depending on genetic and nutritional factors, everyone heals at different rates.  Plus, healing is dependent on blood flow to an area so the amount of damage to the a blood vessels in the affected area will determine the healing time.  You can speed up your healing by carefully following your PS's wound care instructions.  I tell my patients to go to a natural health food store (NEVER a pharmacy) and get some good quality multivitamins with multi-minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin D.  These supplements will help provide the building blocks to heal your wound.  

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