Do you think I need a revision or would silicone strips fix something like this? (photos)

So I just got TT, MR and lipo to flanks 3 weeks ago. When I had my surgery the PS put brown tape on my scar so I couldn't see it. After my 9dpo appointment they replaced the tape and told me I can take the tape off in a week to begin scar therapy. When I took the tape off I was so disappointed. My scar is very bundled together on the sides and I have a dent on my side. Im messaged the nurse these pictures and she said its healing well for 3 weeks and to start the silicone strips which I have.

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Bumps and puckers are not unusual at 3 weeks and often flatten out.  The strips may help. Regardless a scar revision should not be considered for a least 6-12 mo.  Good luck, Jane   (ps almost all surgeons place tape or steristrips in the OR--it is not to hide the scar from the patient--it is to protect the incision and help with tension on the wound)

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