Is Retin-A Safe?

At my request, my doctor phoned in a prescription for Retin-A to use as part of my skin care regimen. When I went to get the prescription filled, the pharmacist told me that my insurance would have to have a pre-approval/justification letter from my doctor. When I asked why, the Pharmacist told me that Retin-A was not safe for use by adults (no--I'm not pregnant nor plan to be, and am in great health). I just want to be sure that it's safe to use for extended periods for skincare. Thank you!

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Safety of Retin A

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Perhaps there was some confusion at the pharmacy, but Retin A is safely used by millions of adults around the world.  The letter for the insurance company most likely was to certify that this was not just for cosmetic purposes, but rather was being used to treat a medical illness. 

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