Question concerning wounds and incision. (Photo)

I am 32 days post op I have these wounds that are freaking me out. My dr doesn't seem concerned. Why is it like this? I don't see any pictures of similar wounds. 5 years post op. Will I have scaring or it fade? What can I do to make it heal faster? I am using the antibiotic "frosting" 2x day. Will I end up with indentions in my breasts? I am totally horrified. Also the incision on my left breast is much higher that on the right. Is this poor technique or just one of those things?

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Healing issue

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These wounds can happen often it leaves a wide scar that may or may not be able to be revised in the future. Best of luck.

Concerned about Wound

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Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for your pictures.  Unfortunately, wounds like this can occur.  This will heal and typically does not leave an indentation.  It will leave a widened scar.  The scar can be addressed 6-12 months after complete healing.  Continue to follow up with your doctor.  Best wishes.

Wound healing

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Unfortunately, sometimes incisions do not heal quickly. Occasionally internal dissolvable sutures do not dissolve and spit out causing the incision to separate. This can be treated by local wound care. This does not leave a depressed scar once healed can can take several weeks to heal.Other times there is swelling that causes the incision to separate and similar wound care is needed. Finally there can be skin loss from poor blood supply , causing an open area.  The treatment for all is often local wound care.

As far as asymmetry with one sitting higher this could be due to swelling and the delayed wound healing. 

I can reassure you that despite the slow healing the final scars  fade well  and most women are very happy with their  reduction. I understand this is difficult for you but stay positive.

Wish you quick healing.

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