My lips are swollen, how do I get rid of the swelling?

I got my lips done and I made out with my boyfriend 4 days after, he sucked on my top lip and its been a week now and its still swollen.. not my whole lip just a part of it.. how does it go?

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Swollen lips?

Hello Amanda. I'm sorry to hear about the swelling in the lips from the combination of injectable and making out! The application of suction by your boyfriend on the area that was injected could have created additional trauma and even some subcutaneous bleeding.You need to consider icing the swollen area and if you do not see an improvement or swelling gets worse then contact the physician who injected you for a full evaluation. If the injected material has been displaced by the suction, there's an enzyme that will eat away at the filler and down-size your lips. Speak with your injector about these options! Best, Dr. ALDO

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