How much does a jaw shave/chin reduction/or v-shape face cost in California USA? (Photo)

sugary tourism is not an option. I cannot afford a ticket. And no insurance. I want to pay by my own cash. I want to look more effeminate. I have big front teeth which I will eventually get removed but that is another story. But, because of my big teeth; my jaw became masculine and and bloated. I do not want botox because I want to get it permanently. Also, when I diet my chubby face still wont lose weight. I tried firming creams and the china face wrap. It comes back after blood circulation.

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A more feminine face

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You are not unusual as fat in the face dose not typically change as much as the fat in the rest of the body with weight changes.  There are several surgeons here in the US who perform mandible contouring, and you should see one in person because they will need to determine if the fullness is due to muscle, bone, or a combination of the two.  If you are considering dental work you should also consult with you dental provider to determine what order you should have these procedures performed in.  Bryan Rolfes, MD

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