I am 46 years old with a Open bite from a thrusting tongue. Should I get implants? (photos)

I am 46 years old with a Open bite from a thrusting tongue with a few missing teeth. Will I need implants, braces and a speech therapist to correct this problem or should I get implants and a speech therapist to help with correcting my thrusting tongue?

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Dental Implants

While I am not objecting that you consider dental implants, I feel that an evaluation with a orthodontist and periodontist should precede that decision. I would want to make sure that if you have periodontal disease it is treated. Also, based on your photos, an orthodontist should guide you as to the options that exist regarding your open bite.

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Open Bite Treatment

The most important treatment in your case is proper alignment of the teeth and your bite. This can only be achieved with orthodontic treatment and sometimes corrective jaw surgery if required. Once corrected, you will be given a retainer that can help to prevent any impact from tongue trusting

H. Ryan Kazemi, DMD
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Open bite

I answered your question previously. You will need orthodontics and a myofunctional therapist to correct your problem. Implants come later.

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