How can I get my face to look young again? I'm only 23, and my face has become littered with "age spots" over the last year.

I'm a 23 year-old woman. I don't sunbathe or spend time outdoors. Over the last year I've seen a significant increase of pigmented spots on my face. I used to have a few tiny freckles around my eyes, but now have numerous large spots around my eyes, on my cheeks, and even a few on my forehead and maybe my jawline. No spots on my hands. Can the spots be removed? Considering my history, are these even age spots? Should I be looking for another kind of treatment?

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Treatment Of Sunspots

While  the "age spots" that you referenced can be managed with topical treatments like retinol, or chemical peels, we have had particular success in treating them with staged treatments of the picosure laser.  It sounds like it would also behoove you to begin an integrated skin care regimen that includes regular application of high spf sunscreen.

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Age Spot Treatment Options

Dear savannah214:

I would recommend use of an appropriate physical and topical sun protection, as well maintenance use of topical retinol and Vitamin C along with IPL.  All the best.

Skin rejuvenation

At 23 you have a lifetime of sun exposure to be careful of so I would advise you use a high factor suncream even when it is cloudy.  To deal with the sun spots you have already you would likely benefit from a medical grade skin peel of which there are many types that can be tailored to your skin type. A qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist would advise you further but there is certainly something that can be done to improve your skin.

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Only 23 years old and face has lots of 'age spots'

Hello and thank you for your question.

I have to say it is difficult to answer your question without more information or photographs / examination.

However, so called age spots' are just that; flat pigmented freckle - like spots that appear with age and it would be highly unusual to get a large number of these over a fairly large area at your age. Your spots may represent a number of other conditions all of which have their own individual methods for treatment or amelioration.

I would suggest that you consult a specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon in person and take experienced advice on management.

I hope that this information has been helpful.

Best wishes

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Age spots at 23

I can understand your concern.  It is best to have a qualified dermatologist or skin care specialist evaluate your skin before doing any type of treatments.  Some current treatments that may be recommended are a broad band light, chemical peels or retin A cream and good skin care regimen.  

Age Spots and Best Treatment NYC

The best treatment would be to use sunblock going forward and avoid the sun and treat the sun damage with Fraxel or the Alex-Trivantage.  If you are covered with sun spots then I would recommend the Fraxel laser to you.  Best, Dr. Green

Never too early

First off make sure you are religious about sunscreen/ sun avoidance if possible.

Topicals such as retinol/ retinoids, antioxidants like vitamin c/ emblica, and brightening creams like hydroquinone are a good second line.  

I think you will be best served with IPL/ BBL treatments.  Not only do they target and lighten the uneven skin tone, they can make the skin appear more youthful.

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Skin Rejuvenation with Picosure

The spots on the face could just be freckles or they could be sun spots.  There are several options to help lighten them.  First, topical creams like retinoic acid or hydroquinone can help with some improvement  and to maintain results from laser treatments. The second option is chemical peel.  Third option includes light based sources such as IPL of broadband light, Picosure Focused Treatment or even Fraxel restore.  It is important to goto a place that is skilled in the use of different treatments for this

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Sun Damage

This could be sun damage that you've accumulated over the years. BroadBand Light would be a good treatment to reduce your sun damage. There is minimal downtime. Once you are treated, you should protect your skin with sunblock that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide every single day. It's best to visit a laser expert near you and have a consultation. 

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