How can I get my face to look young again? I'm only 23, and my face has become littered with "age spots" over the last year.

I'm a 23 year-old woman. I don't sunbathe or spend time outdoors. Over the last year I've seen a significant increase of pigmented spots on my face. I used to have a few tiny freckles around my eyes, but now have numerous large spots around my eyes, on my cheeks, and even a few on my forehead and maybe my jawline. No spots on my hands. Can the spots be removed? Considering my history, are these even age spots? Should I be looking for another kind of treatment?

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Skin rejuvenation

At 23 you have a lifetime of sun exposure to be careful of so I would advise you use a high factor suncream even when it is cloudy.  To deal with the sun spots you have already you would likely benefit from a medical grade skin peel of which there are many types that can be tailored to your skin type. A qualified plastic surgeon or dermatologist would advise you further but there is certainly something that can be done to improve your skin.

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Age spots


Thank you for your question. It's great that you are on top of your skin care at a young age! It will pay off! It's difficult to give an exact recommendation without seeing any photos. With that being said some general suggestions would be Obagi, a multi-step skin care system. It's main focus is to even out color and skin tone. You may also consider a photo facial, this can help remove some of the spotting. It's really best to have a full consultation with a local physician. Good luck! 

Janet Allenby, DO
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Age spots treatments in a 23-year-old

At your young age the most important part is to protect your skin to ensure you age beautifully. The first step would be to limit your sun exposure and invest in a good sunscreen to wear on a daily basis.

Skin rejuvenation in your situation with the based on a full evaluation. Most commonly patients in their early 20s will require a combination of treatments to improve the quality their skin. These treatments should not be aggressive in nature and not have much downtime. At my practice, you would likely undergo a series of IPL treatments, laser Genesis, and chemical peels. Additionally you would need to be on an appropriate medical grade skincare homecare regime.

Hope this helps

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23 year old and age spots

Hello and thank you for your question! The spots you are seeing on your face are most likely caused from time being exposed to the sun. However, I would recommend using a strong sunscreen (30+ SPF) in conjunction with an IPL (Intense pulsed light) treatment. IPL targets hemoglobin and melanin in the skin to help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. A chemical peel would also be beneficial if your skin is not suitable for an IPL treatment. It is best to consult with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to find out which treatment would be best for your skin. For more information please feel free to look at our website.

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Treatment for age spots

It's always important to have your lesions diagnosed by a physician before committing to any type of treatment. You are very young to have "age spots".  If they are lesions caused by sun exposure, by limiting time spent in the sun, you've taken the most important step in minimizing future pigmented lesions.  IPL (Intense pulsed light) is an effective tool for eliminating brown or red spots caused by the sun.  The Icon platform has the advantage of the Skintel melanin reader which helps set the parameters for safe and effective treatment.  Continuing to avoid sun exposure and use of sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 will continue to be important.  Good luck to you!

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23 year old with age spots

There are many treatment options including facial peels and lasers. Additionally using a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 every day will prevent sun damage. 

Adaeze Okeke, MD
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23 with "age spots"

Thanks for your question. There are many things that can be done to help. Treatment with laser and even different types of facials or peels can help! Without seeing any pictures it is hard to determine the best course of action. I recommend making an appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area.

Best wishes!

Gregory Baum, MD
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Treating brown dyschromias of the face, neck, and hands

Brown splotchy skin on the face and hands is a problem for many of us. Good for you for curtailing your sun exposure, that is the most important first step.  Medical grade retinol skin products are also essential in maintaining a more even skin tone. Daily sunscreen application will also be important.  You may decide to look into select bandwith IPL (intense pulse light) treatments for more expedient results.   

David Hartman, MD, FACS
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Age spots

Hello, it is difficult to determine the best course of treatment without seeing photos. Pigmentation problems can be caused by a number of other factors that deteriorate the condition of your skin, not just sun damage. However, at 23 it is possible that over the years the sun has played a part even if you don't spend that much time outside anymore. I recommend using a broad spectrum sun cream every day as harmful rays can still penetrate through the clouds. Pigmentation can also be caused by a change in female hormones. If you are using a contraceptive pill, it may be worth looking in to the associated side effects to see if this could have something to do with it. It could also be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which may be caused by some kind of trauma to the skin such as acne scarring. I'd advise the use of vitamin C, kojic acid and/or retinol as a topical treatment. You may also benefit from a series of skin peels to resurface the skin, or a laser resurfacing treatment like Fraxel.

Yannis Alexandrides, MD
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Brown skin spots

You are among many patients who see skin changes at an early age. Fortunately there are many easy and minimally invasive treatments to manage the brown spots or hyperpigmentation. Visit a board certified plastic surgery med spa  to decide on treatment options such as hydrafacials, topical skin care lines (retin A, vitamin C), chemical superficial peels , BBL and Fraxel noninvasive lasers. 

Maintenance of skin care is just as important to prevent return of the brown spots. So integrating skin care and sunscreen products should satisfy your goals in the treatment of hyperpigmentation.

Andrew Turk, MD
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