Was there anyone that felt as disappointing as I am feeling 5 days after surgery?

Was there anyone that felt as disappointing as I am feeling 5 days after surgery? I came with butt and I have not seen any inlargement in myself I am smaller than when I came. Can someone please tell me it will be a while before I see the improvement. I see people who went into surgery on that day and I can see improvement in them , who had nothing to begin with. I hope this was not a big mistake for me.

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Was there anyone that felt as disappointing as I am feeling 5 days after surgery?

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Because I have no idea what you looked like before or after surgery, I cannot comment specifically to you. What I can say is that a lot of the photos that you may have seen are various plastic surgeons "best work". Personally I can say that some of the most dramatic results on the operating room table or immediately after surgery are on women who were thin with a small butt with a good starting shape who had pockets of stubborn fat and no loose skin. The more overweight patients who have had children and have a large amount of excess fat around their waistline along with loose skin and a large square shaped buttocks with no projection do not have a dramatic change immediately post op as they need time for the areas of liposuction to shrink down. Because their buttocks were already large with a less pleasing shape, the increase in size is not always as obvious until after the waistline shrinks down. This does not mean the your buttocks will get bigger, but the rest of you will likely shrink making the contrast more noticeable.

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Hi Anon5059,
Thanks for your question. Some pictures would definitely help your assessment better. It is really early to judge outcome especially at 5 days as swelling increases 12hrs after surgery and sometimes takes months before it completely resolves. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Ask how much was placed and how the fat was processed as this make change what the outcome is based if  more fluid than fat was placed. Good Luck and be patient. As the swelling decreases, your results should improve!  All the best,  Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS @BBL @noresults@docmata #drcarlosmata Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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