I Decided to Get Jaw and Chin Implants, but Which Style Should I Choose? (photo)

Im getting mandibular implants to widen and lower my jawline. And will also be getting a chin implant to widen my narrow chin & make it more balanced from the side and to be more proportioned with my nose and lip. Im wanting a square jaw and chin. Im not in the market for a full jaw implant. The last pic is similar to the results I was wanting to accomplish. I know they have extended anatomical, but they are pretty round, and the terino style dont widen the body area much. Not sure. Thanks!

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Which type of chin implant?

Without seeing you in person, it's impossible to give you an exact answer as to which style and size of chin implant you should use.  The surgeon performing your surgery should be able to determine that with you.  There are sizer implants for the various styles and sizes that can be placed on top of your chin to give you a better idea of which would work better for you.  

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Chin augmentation

  There are multiple sizes and shapes of chin implants to give the desired augmentation. There are pre-jowl implants that only give width  to the chin, and full chin implants to give projection and width. Chin implants are composed of Silastic are inserted through a submental approach under either general or local anesthesia.

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