Are there any dentists that can help?

I'm a military spouse and mother of four children. My husband just returned from Afghanistan, his fifth tour. As I write this, I'm lying in pain. I don't know where else to turn to. There are no programs to help me get my teeth fixed. Every tooth is decayed in my mouth and I need to get them all removed .I want to get the all on 4 or 6 non removable dentures.I can't afford the outright payment for the whole procedure.I'm tired of being in pain,and not being able to smile.Our family is suffering.

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Dear Jessica, do you really need an allon4 or only are you tire about be always in pain? ... You can try to look around in other countries like us in Mexico and the prices and the quality of work is the same.... If you have any X-ray I can give you a estimate for you can have an idea about the prices ... 
I hope you feel better and can find a solution.

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