Im 5'3 weight 130. Whats the right size for me? (photo)

I gave birth to twin girls. I really want my breasts to look perky and go up again. They are soo saggy. I was told i need a lift with implant. Im currently a 34D. I dont want to go biigger. Want to say about the same.

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Lift and small implants

A lift would be necessary based on your photo, and a small implant may help give you more fullness in the upper pole.

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Breast Size Following Augmentaion With Lift

The answer to your question is entirely dependent upon your aesthetic goals. There's no question that you have significant sag and would benefit from breast lift surgery. This would result in nicely shaped breasts that have a natural look.

In some cases, patients also desire upper breast fullness. This would require the use of a small implant and the possible trade off with larger breasts. This decision is entirely dependent upon the patient's aesthetic goals. Under these circumstances, most patients want breasts that have balance, proportion and harmony with the surrounding anatomic structures.

If you're considering the combination of breast augmentation and breast lift surgery, it's important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. This surgeon should be able to outline a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and achieves your aesthetic goals.

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Your statement says it all--"want to stay about the same."

A well-designed and skillfully-executed full Wise-pattern (anchor) lift will entail the removal of no more than about 30-40g of tissue at most. Skin flaps will create a new skin brassiere and your existing breast volume will be contained in a higher, tighter, lifted appearance. Your areolas can also be reduced in size somewhat if you wish.

But why would you need implants if you already like your size where it is? Why would your surgeon remove perfectly normal breast tissue and replace it with implants? Implants are needed if you have less size/volume than you wish, and the implants add the requested volume increase--that is, IF the remaining skin (after what is removed to perform the lift) is adequate to contain the new (increased) breast volume.

To achieve your goal photographs, you do not need implants. Period. You already have plenty of volume (at least by photograph).You may, in fact, need a slight reduction  of tissue in addition to the skin removal to achieve the size/lift you desire. Please do not let a surgeon talk you into implants because they "give upper pole fullness,"  "help maximize firmness and that perky 'up' look you like"  or because "implants don't sag like your own breast tissue." These are spurious promises, but since implants are so safe and common, you have no way to really find out that the result would have been just as good (or better) without the use of implants.

And, don't forget that unless those implants are placed as perfectly as possible, then there are a host of unlikely but still possible occurrences (unsatisfactory position, bottoming out, symmastia, skin loss, capsular contracture, infection requiring removal of implants, etc.) that could mar what would have been a much more straightforward operation with lower or no chance of these possibilities.

A full lift alone (without implants) can give you a splendid result, but you should be aware that your natural skin elasticity (or lack thereof) is precisely why you need a lift in the first place, and that even the best surgeon (or the addition of implants) cannot negate gravity, stretching of tissue, and the effects of time and aging. But these are over a long period of time, so if you have realistic expectations, you can indeed make the correct choice and have a result both you and your surgeon will be proud of. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Im 5'3 weight 130. Whats the right size for me?

If you want to remain the same size, a breast lift may be appropriate.  Breast augmentation with a lift would be a reasonable option as well, but an exam will be necessary to make a determination. Find an expert in breast surgery who has great reviews and great before and after photos.

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Whats the right size for me?

Thanks for your question. Based on your photos you need a vertical lift (Lollipo scar) to reduce skin excess with a breast augmentation in one stage, a physical examination will help you to choose the correct size by your wall frame  dimentions to achive your goals. Best wishes !

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Lift plus aug

I always recommend that if a patient wants to really be big that it may be better to do the surgery in 2 stages especially if there is a large nipple areolar complex and alot of sagging.This will give the surgeon more leeway later to put in a much la ger implant.r

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Im 5'3 weight 130. Whats the right size for me?

Hi. Based on your photos, you will need a full anchor lift with the insertion of breast implants in the range of 300cc. The third wish photo is the more likely representation of what you might expect. The other wish photos a straight forward breast augmenations and no where near what your breasts look like at present. Good luc.

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Im 5'3 weight 130. Whats the right size for me?

A breast lift will certainly improve your result.  However if you want a firm fold perky breast is shown in the photographs that you like you will also need an implant.  You do have significant breast tissue of your own.

You should ask your plastic surgeon to perform a breast implant sizing system evaluation during which specially shaped implants can be placed into a non-padded bra to give you an idea of how you will look with various sizes.  You also need measurements of the base width of your breast to help choose the appropriate sized implant.

A properly performed breast lift is the most important part of this procedure.  Implant size will be based on your breast measurements and sizing system evaluation.   Certainly 400-450 cc implants would be too large since you have stated you do not want to be larger.  Implants in a more conservative 250-350 cc range might be more appropriate the will depend on your breast base width measurement.


If you are happy with your current volume, you may just want to consider a breast lift.  Please see a board certified plastic surgeon to learn more about your options.

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When droopy and happy with your size

a lift alone will give you the results you desire (but without the exaggerated roundness that implants produce) and you can avoid the baggage the implants bring with them.  A lift could diminish your cup size just a little as it tightens the envelope around your own tissues.  You do not need an implant unless you must have the fake look.

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