What causes rashes after BA/BL? Is it normal? (Photo)

November 2014 i got a breast lift with breast aug. Due to very saggy breast. I went from a 34d to a 34dd. Im getting this rashes that come and go and when i do get them they itch. Sometimes worse and other day not as bad. What can be causing it?? Ive noticed sometimes its when i wear a sprecific sports bra, and recently i been going to the pool and it gets worse. Is it because of the heat?

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Rash post aug

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From what I can see it looks like a type of contact dermatitis or it could be heat rash.If it persists I would go back to my plastic surgeon or consider seeing a dermatologist.

Breast Rash

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Your Dermatologist will need to examine you for any allergic reactions.  Most likely, it is not related to your surgery.  Inform your surgeon of your diagnosis.  Best to you.

BA/BL rash

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Best to see a dermatologist for a biopsy to determine a skin rash diagnosis. 5 months postoperative you need a diagnosis. 

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