What Are my Options to Restore my Look After Mask Lift and Other Procedures? (photo)

Coming back 2 yrs later in order to get yr adv ... Different shape of eyes & loss of the fat volume after mask lift 8 yrs ago & cheeks structural fat grafts 1 yr before. Hard palate mucosal (Lower lid) graft 7 months ago with 2 temporal structural fat grafts (see pic). Improved a little, unfortunately “scleral show” has coming back (no pic but same as before)! My surgeon cannot explain relaxation. Need adv on what procedure will suit me better. Still do not recognize myself in the mirror…

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Facelift correction

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The photos are very limited but I can see you have beautiful eyes and I'm sure you'd like to get them back to as close to the before image as possible.

You need a plastic surgeon with expertise in facial surgery corrections. I so often see over-done blepharoplastiy surgery that leave people hollowed. They can often be corrected beautifully with fat grafting.

I cannot tell much by these photos. An in person consultation would be ideal to determine what could be done

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Options After Mask Lift

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Based on the description given in your question, it sounds as if you experienced some degree of lower lid retraction due to a midface lift 8 years ago.  Although your preoperative photos are limited, I agree that the shape of your eyes was altered by the midface lift. Use of hard palate grafts is a fairly high powered corrective procedure, usually performed by experienced Occuloplastic Surgeons in situations of severe lower lid retraction or ectropion.  Based on the after photo shown,  it would be hard for me to recommend having any further lower eyelid surgery.  Further recommendations could be made, but would require a consultation.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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