I am having a mini facelift, eyelid surgery and fat grafting to my face. How quickly would I be able to return to work?

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Returning to Work after a Facelift

Recovery time from a #facelift varies from person to person, but patients can generally expect to be presentable within three weeks from surgery. Patients should expect #swelling, #bruising, and #discoloration of the skin during this phase of recovery (swelling normally goes down after 48 hours; most bruising will go away within two weeks). The marks from a facelift are noticeable at first, but are easily hidden with a bit of “camouflage” make-up which our staff teaches our patients how to use. 

The #scars from a facelift mature within six to twelve months from the surgery date. It is during this time that the rejuvenating effects of the facelift will become apparent and the real result will be seen. 

Most patients who have had Lite Lifts™ feel reasonably normal within 2-4 days after surgery even though they are swollen. If you wish to do light office work, you may. Do not, however, do any heavy activities or aerobic #exercise for at least 3 weeks after surgery! Strenuous #activities can cause bleeding and swelling for a longer period than is necessary.

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Mini Facelift Recovery Time

Thank you for your question.  Typically after a mini lift, especially the technique I use with my patients, 90% of them will return to work with 1 week, however due to your procedure being a little more extensive, I would suggest two weeks should be more than adequate.  Please do realise the recovery process does depend on patient to patient.  

Please ensure you do return to your surgeon for regular follow up appointments to ensure incisions are healing correctly.

All The Best 

About 2 weeks

Hi there, 
Thank you for the question. You are having multiple procedures so it is best to allow yourself adequate time to rest so your body can focus on healing. In about a week you should be able to resume some normal activities with most patients being able to return to non-strenuous work within 2 weeks.  3 weeks would be the ideal recovery period.
The general guideline for recovery for the your procedures are:Mini-facelift - a week to 10 days for swelling and bruising to subside.Eyelid Surgery - about 10 days to 3 weeks avoiding any activities that increase blood blow to the eyes.Fat grafting to face - burising may be expected for 7-10 days, swelling is worst subsiding by 7-10 days and much improved by 3 weeks
Coverup concealer makeup may be used to cover any bruising that remains after the 2 week period. Other factors that contribute to the healing process is well balanced diet and post-op supplements and topical treatments as recommended by your plastic surgeon. 

Best of luck!

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Return to work

If you do not mind having some sequelae of surgery still visibile like mild bruising or swelling, you could return in 1 week.  If you would like to be fully healed without any signs of surgery, then 3 weeks would be ideal.  The 2 week mark is somewhere in between.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

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Combined p

Thank you for your question. When multiple procedures are performed simultaneously there tends to be a little more swelling then individual procedures. That said this is common practice and makes the most sense-one surgery with one anesthetic and one recovery. From the combination of procedures you have listed in my practice most patients are able to return to work between 10-14 days.. Although you will not be comely healed at that point swelling will have significantly reduced, most bruising resolved and the majority of sutras will have been removed. With a little creative make-up and hair style you should be good to go in that time frame
Best of Luck

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