8 months post op Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair, I have a bulge on upper belly button. Is this normal?

I had a tummy tuck w/ muscle repair about 8 month ago. Wear the compression garment for almost 6 month. Later I notice a bulge on my upper belly button and it does hurt. My doctor said I have to have surgery again to repair that due to a most likely had some stitches that came out. So if I don't do the surgery to repair that, will the pain ease off with time? When I wear my garment i'm ok. I guess my question is what would I expect if isn't corrected?

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Upper belly button bulge 8 months after tummy tuck

A small painful bulge in the upper belly button can be a hernia which must be repaired or a suture knot which may dissolve. As your surgeon if you have a hernia. If so, and it is painful, it should be fixed.
Small hernias can be more dangerous than large ones - intestine can be trapped in them, swell and rupture. This is a very dangerous problem.

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Bulge post tummy tuck

From your description it sounds like a small hernia.The pain may go away and the hernia will become asymptomatic but agin it could enlarge .So I would follow up carefully with your doctor.

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8 months post op Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair, I have a bulge on upper belly button. Is this normal?

Very very hard to respond to tour issue without an IN PERSON evaluation. Best to seek in person second opinions... 

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8 months post op Tummy Tuck w/ muscle repair, I have a bulge on upper belly button. Is this normal?

This bulge could be due to several things. If you had a hernia preoperatively it can be a recurrence.  If you had a long umbilical stalk it could be the stalk     Lastly it could be a diastasis or separation of the muscle.   You do need a proper exam to ruld out a hernia and based on your exam the proper solution can be obtained.  Your surgeon is willing to repair it so keep the discussions open with your surgeon.  Best to you

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Bulge in tummy

After examination if you're certain feels his surgery is the best way to correct this and that should be strongly considered. Anything short of surgery, you will be left with a residual fullness and obviously is concerning and disappointing to you

Bulge around belly button

I agree that you probably had some of the sutures that were used for the plication of the fascia either break or loosen.  That has allowed the repair in that location to become disrupted.  I don't think this is due to a hernia.  Unfortunately, without repairing this situation, you will have worsening of the bulge, as more stress will be applied to the repaired area just above the bulge.  I would return to your plastic surgeon and discuss a repair of the bulge sooner than later.  Good luck. 

Daniel J. Pyo, MD
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Bulge around upper belly button

Sounds like you have had a secondary herniation in the upper belly button area.  I agree with your surgeon that another surgery is likely in order.  There is no rush and you could wait and watch for awhile.  Be sure and check in with your surgeon.  This is an unusual occurrence.   Best of luck,  My Best,  Dr C

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