Is there any possible surgery that can bring back the nipple?

is there any possible surgery that can bring back the nipple??I had an accident(almost to death) and I was wounded badly on my left breast and i've lost my nipple...also my butt they look unbalanced caused by broken. pelvis. and these affecting. . my confident level

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Create a new nipple

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Yes this can be done easily as an outpatient uinder local or with soem IV sedation.the results are very very good.It  also may be something that your insurance may pay for since it was traumatic in nature.

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Nipple Reconstruction

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While nipple reconstruction is most often performed following mastectomy for breast cancer, it can also be done after trauma.
There are two major techniques that can be used for nipple reconstruction:
-Tatooing, or
-Skin graft and flap surgery

The first is self-explanatory. A pigmented tattoo is placed to give the appearance of a nipple areolar complex. There is no nipple projection in this case, however, and the nipple remains flat.

In the second situation, a skin graft is taken from a hidden area (usually the lower abdomen or groin) and it is used to create an areaola. Local skin flaps are then raised and converted into a projecting nipple. This looks more natural in clothing as well as when naked.

For balancing the buttock, the best option is to perform liposuction of a fuller area of the body (the lower abdomen but perhaps the other buttock) and then to inject this fat into the other buttock. Some plastic surgeons call this a Brazilian Butt Lift, but the correct terminology is buttock augmentation with autologous fat grafting.

Both of these services may be covered by your insurance as they are post-traumatic and reconstructive in nature. Find a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to evaluate your options.

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