Is it possible to go from an A cup to a B cup?

I'm 34yrs old and have breastfed two kids. I had one consultation and the surgeon said I need at least 300 cc's and that would get me a Full C cup and didn't recommend less because of looking too narrow. I'm in a rock and a hard place because I can no longer live with how my boobs look now but am scared of them being too big. Any advice would be great!

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is possible to go from an A to a B. You have to ask the doctor why he recommended this size. It may be to help correct any sagging that you developed from breastfeeding. If that is the case, then the doctor is recommending this to try and correct the sagging without a lift. If you feel 300cc’s is just too big for you then you may benefit from a lift along with the smaller implant to achieve optimal results. Best of luck in your endeavors.


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Size questions on breast implants, Yes you can go from an A to a B cup

The width of your chest is a factor in implant selection. Too narrow of an implant will give a wider gap.

The amount of skin also determines implant size. If it is tight, it could limit how large and the surgeon recommend smaller than the patient ideal.

If the skin is loose the surgeon may recommend a larger implant to look good.

Dont be too concerned about cup size, bra manufacturers differ, and patients frequently choose the wrong size. Remember a 34C is the same as a 36B so if the patient is really 35 around the cup size depends how she fits her bra.

Ways you can feel comfortable with the size. And also know that 300 cc in one person can be huge, and another a small change. The projection of the implant matters more than volume too.

Get a second opinion

Try sizers in the surgeons office

Try the volume in your bra at home.

Also the cohesive gel shaped implants are a good choice for someone wanting to be conservative, with the slope they look more natural

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Modest Changes With Breast Augmentation

Thank you very much for your question. Yes, you should be able have a breast augmentation take you from an A cup to about a B cup.  Remember, cup size is relevant to the brand/manufacture of the bra, therefore should not in itself be a quantifier for your new breast size. A board certified plastic surgeon should provide you with the opportunity to try on various breast implant sizers, to help you visualize how each implant type/volume will look on your body.  If you are not comfortable with the size recommendation of one doctor, I would recommend seeking the advice of another experienced plastic surgeon, as well. 

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Have another consultation

It is important to understand why the surgeon may have said this.  You may have a lot of deflated tissue and if you were opposed to a lift, then the surgeon is giving you the best option for the best cosmetic outcome.

I would suggest that you seek another opinion.

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Is it possible to go from an A cup to a B cup?

You as the patient have the final say as to what size you want to be. You can always decide on a small implant just to boost you slightly in size. Depending on how much sag and emptiness you may have from breastfeeding might require a minimum recommendation in order to fill up the loose skin though. Either way, and in person consultation would be your starting point. Best of Luck

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A to B cup

My recommendation would be for you to try to find a plastic surgeon in your region with a Vectra 3D imaging system who can show you on a three dimensional image of your chest, exactly what the breast implants of different sizes and shapes will look like. This is like doing intraoperative sizer's in the office rather than in the operating room. Best of luck.

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Is it possible to go from an A cup to a B cup?

Although in theory this is possible, in reality it is much more difficult. Thats because BRA sizing is not exact and different manufactures come up with different sizes for the same breast volume. The best way is to have a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon. However, you will have an amazing result should you go ahead with the surgery with the right surgeon.

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Small breast augmentation can look amazing and natural. A great choice for many women.

  • There is no reason that you can not customize your breasts they way you want. I have my patients do a lot of things to try and get the perfect breast implant.  I then have them bring photos of what they are looking for and use that during the surgery to match their breasts to that goal.  This is done with intra-operative sizers.  Not all surgeons like to use them be cause it adds time to the case.  If their goal is to make as much money as possible then added time is not something they are interested in....get the implants in fast and move on. Good for them...bad for their patients. I prefer to take more time but to make sure that patients get the perfect breasts for them.  
  • Although the steps take a little bit of time it allows patients to get the result that will make them happy for years to come.  I am pleased to say that because of these steps I have never had to change a patient's implants.
  • Without examining you it is difficult to say why you could not have a B cup.  I do lots of surgeries on small breasted women that just want a little more fullness.  It looks natural.  It gives beautiful shape. The implants are not too heavy.  There are many great advantages to having a smaller breast augmentation done.
  • You may want to consider another opinion before making your final decision.
  •   Dr Rodger Shortt is a plastic surgeon in Oakville.  He strives to be the best plastic surgeon and is one of the few plastic surgeons in Canada with a top 5-star rating on Realself, RateMD, and Ontario Doctor Review.  He serves patients from the GTA including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, Georgetown, Brampton, Burlington, Milton, and Hamilton. He is an Assistant Clinical Professor and the Director of Cosmetic Surgery Training for McMaster University.

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Can I go from an A to a B cup bra?

Hi and thank you for the question. There are hundred of implant choices available. During the consultation process your surgeon should be able to narrow it down to a few choices that will be appropriate for your anatomy and your goals. A couple of things to consider. First, nobody can honestly promise you a cup size. Bras are variable, and not everybody wears bras the same way. I have patients every day who tell me they are a C in one brand and a D or DD when they shop at Victoria's Secret. The other thing to think about would be to find a practice like ours that uses the vectra 3D imaging system. We use this to show our patients what they would look like with any size or style implant. This can be really helpful to patients in terms of the confidence it gives them that they are getting the right implants for their goals. Good luck to you.

Dr West

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Dr Kayser

Thank you for your question. The consultation should involve many aspects of evaluation which, of course, involve deciding what your desires are. It would also include an estimation of your current breast size and, with the assistance of volume sizers, help to determine what your goals are. Finally 3D animation programs, such as the one seen in the attached video below, are becoming more commonplace in the plastic surgeon's tool box to help patients in their decision-making process. Also understand that implants do have limitations and can distort and change the breast, often permanently, in ways that could be challenging to correct if the implant does need removal. Finally, the addition of fat to the breast would help to improve contour in selected patients where an implant may not otherwise be able to do so.

Finally I would make it clear that you know what you want and express this your plastic surgeon. The end result should be achieving your desired results and not the surgeons. It is, however, incumbent upon the surgeon to tell you what the pros and cons are and what can and can't be done should your desires be outside the ability to achieve an appropriate result. I would certainly encourage you to seek out a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in all forms of breast surgery. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day. Dr. Kayser - Detroit

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