Does my Breast Look Like It's Deflating or Like It Needs to Drop? (photo)

Hi Doctors, Thank you for your replies. I am 3 weeks Post Op tomorrow. I have Saline Mentor Moderate-Plus, 375 cc Overfilled to 450 cc's Under Muscle. I am a little worried one of my breasts might be deflating. I picked Saline because I was under the impression that a Saline implant would immediately deflate all in the same day. Does this look like it might be slowly deflating or like maybe one dropped and the other just needs to catch up/drop?

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From your pictures it looks like you need to be wearing a breast band to help the implants drop into place. If you are not helping them settle they will heal up high. You need to talk to your PS to see what options he has to help the implants drop into place.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Saline breast implants need to drop see your surgeon.

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Thank you for your question and photographs. I do see the significant asymmetry and although both implants need to drop, I doubt that the asymmetry that I see will be corrected once the implants drop into their final position. My suspicion is that there was a significant breast asymmetry prior to surgery. If there was not than the left breast and implant may have partially deflated. See your surgeon.

High Implants Need Massage and Time to Drop

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     Larger implants in smaller people need a little more massage and a little more time to drop into the pockets dissected during the surgery.

Post op

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it is not uncommon for the breasts to heal at different rates. the swelling needs more time to resolve before you come to any conclusions

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Does my Breast Look Like It's Deflating or Like It Needs to Drop?

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Yes there is an issue. As for deflation though possible might also consider seroma/hematoma, or poorly decided upon implant sizing. Seek in person opinions. 

Breasts Implant Asymmetry 3 Weeks after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Most likely, you are dealing with asymmetric breast implants settling. In my practice, I would ask that you use massage and the help of a bandeau to help the breast implants settling process.

I would also suggest that you follow-up with your plastic surgeon  closely; he/she is is in the best position to rule out complications such as breast implant encapsulation which may ( rarely) cause  failure of breast implant movement.

 Hope this helps.

Implant Malposition

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I agree that your breast implants are too high and asymmetric.  Hopefully your surgeon has addressed this with you and has said more than just "that is normal, they are always high for the first few months."  It is easy for us docs to say this, but the truth is that implants this high, may drop over time, but will still likely remain higher than normal. You may require a revisional surgery. Speak to your surgeon.

Asymmetry and high implants after saline augmentation

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The implants are too high, left higher than right.  I agree that you should be wearing a bandeau strap to help the implants settle.  Rupture is unlikely.  Wait 2-3 months and if you do not have good symmetry because the implants are too high you will need a revision.


Deflating or dropping?

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Your implants are not deflating and they look just a bit high. I would recommend massage and possibly a breast bandeau but check in with your own surgeon.

Implant Deflating or Dropping?

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It does not appear that your implants are deflating. The Left Implant appears slightly higher than the Right. This is giving you the impression that there is deflation in one vs. the other. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your question and photos. Best wishes!

Gregory Park, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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