How long is breast capsule removal surgery? Can DIEP or SGAP be done same time? How long both procedure together? (Photo)

Implants removed 2013 when right implant ruptured and egg size piece silicon went under arm to lymph nodes. 2 lymph nodes right side also removed then.Post op major gains in lyme/thyroid issues. Currently left side intact, right side inflammation, lyme & thyroid issues. Doctor says I should consult breast microsurgeon @ possible removal of capsules, silicon in right breast pocket without touching lymph nodes. Had lipo in hips in past. photos for review. Recommendations of surgeons helpful

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Capsulectomy and axillary lymph node removal

I would recommend that you find a surgeon who is familiar with treating complications of breast implants including total capsulectomy and removal of silicone laden axillary lymph nodes, immune and endocrine support, treatment of co infections such as yeast and Lyme's and detoxification.  Very few surgeons have this experience and this is what is needed to regain your health.

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