Too Many Procedures at One Time? (photo)

I would like to have the brazilian butt lift (which to my understanding is lipo of the upper/lower back, flanks, stomach, hips transferred to my butt), with additional lipo on my arms and chin, as well as a breast lift with implant. I really don't want to go in more than once, but is it risky to do this much at one time, or is it common? also from a doctors opinion, do you think I need all of these procedures or am I better off losing the weight on my face and arms through diet and excersize?

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Having multiple surgeries can be safe.

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Yes, I think it is safe to have multiple surgeries performed at the same time, as long as your anesthesia time can be minimized. You need to choose a surgeon that is efficient enough to minimize your operative time, while providing excellent results.

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This combination of procedures sounds like a lot to handle at once for you post operatively. Plus what side would you lie on to rest after the surgery.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo Trunk, Arms, Chin, Breast Augmentation and Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo Trunk, Arms, Chin, with Breast Augmentation and Lift can be done safely for a patient in good health, if the board certified plastic surgeon is a true expert at all of these procedures.  Lipo of trunk, upper arms, chin and Brazilian butt lift would take me 2 hrs 15 minutes, while the breast augmentation and lift would take 1 hr assuming you wanted a circumareolar lift and not a full breast lift.  No matter the type of lift, your surgery could be done in 4 hrs, which is safe in any circle.

Combining procedures with a Brazilian Butt Lift

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It is very common to have multiple procedures combined into one operation. As long as you are healthy, and your board certified plastic surgeon is experienced, combined procedures should not be a problem. In my own practice, I commonly do multiple procedures as long as your anesthesia time will be 5 hours or less. This amount of anesthesia is very safe. Obviously, every person is different and you will need to be evaluated by your surgeon to see how many procedures he/she is comfortable doing on you at one time. I do not thnk it is unreasonable to do what you are asking.

Would the BBL along with liposuction and breast lift with implants be too much surgery?

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Patients often want more more than one procedure performed at one time. This is fairly common. Looking at your photos it appears that you are not mcuh overweight and don't seem to have big areas of fat collection. If you are  healthy and your lab results are normal I beleive you can undergo the above procedures in one operation. Losing weight will not really have much effect on your neck or arms. Good luck!


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 Thank you for this question. It is a often common request. Yes, in my option that would be a bit too much surgery. Perhaps it would be better to concentarte on your area of greatest concern, get that corrected/ improved and then move on to another issue. It is also a bit safer for you to consider this approach when considering multiple procedures with Cosmetic surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

Gary R. Culbertson, MD
Columbia Plastic Surgeon

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