Lose Weight Before or After Brazilian Butt Lift? (photo)

I lost 70lbs in 10 months with gastric sleeve I have been the same weight for about 5 months now, I am 5"9 200 pounds and I would like to be 165-170. I want my midsection, arms, legs to be toned, my butt nice and round, and I want a nice thin face with no double chin. My ideal body type would be Kim Kardashian. do I lose weight before surgery to get closer to my ideal weight? or do I get surgery first and then work on any excess fat/toning in those areas? would I lose my new butt?

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Candidate for Brazilian Buttlift

    You should lose maybe 20 lbs and then be evaluated before you overshoot your fat transfer goal.  At 5'9" 160 lbs, you may not have enough fat for transfer depending upon your fat distribution.  At 180 lbs, you should be safe.  Seek out the board certified plastic surgeon who has the best credentials and who has performed hundreds of Brazilian buttlift procedures.

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Do I lose weight before or after the BBL?

You have lost 70 pounds, therefore your skin tone is probably compromised. If you want to lose another 30-35 pounds it's better to lose it beforehand. But, then, you may not have sufficient donor fat for the BBL. I would suggest that you go for a consutation to a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with the BBL before anything else. Good luck!

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Weght loss

Usually patients with this amount of weight loss have issues with skin redundancy and need different procedures to enhance their shape 

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Weight loss for after a brazilian butt lift

It is hard to answer your question without a physical exam. Now typically you have to be about 20 lbs above your ideal weight  to have enough fat for the procedure. I will be more concern about your skin tone since you have lost some much weight. This will have tremendous implications in the type of surgery and amount of fat require to get the results that you want.

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