Uneven at suture line after tummy tuck

I am over a week post tummy tuck and I am noticing that in some areas on my side where the stitches come together it is uneven. It appears that the top layer comes out further than the bottom one.

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It is very early in your recovery process and swelling can sometimes make the scar look "uneven". This will settle out over months. If your have further concerns, increased swelling, or pain, please discuss with your plastic surgeon and get an examination to make sure you are recovering as expected.

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Uneven at suture line after tummy tuck.

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Thank you for your question.

It is difficult to say as swelling may take 6 months to subside. It's not uncommon to have puckering along the incision 7 days after surgery. I'd recommend booking a follow-up appointment with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss your concerns.

Take care.

Uneven suture line

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There is some pleating which will go down and swelling above the suture line which also will go down but over months usually not weeks.

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Uneven suture line after tummy tuck

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Wound healing and scar formation is a continuum over about a year or two.  Scars tend to get red, thick or ropey feeling and raised for about three months before they tend to flatten and fade.  The scar irregularities tend to smooth out with time.  You can use "embrace" advanced scar therapy to improve the wound healing and scar appearance.  You can look it up on line.

Todd C. Case, MD
Tucson Plastic Surgeon


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This will improve with time, in the order of 3-4 months, as the swelling resolves.  Follow up closely with your surgeon to ensure no seroma or fluid under the skin can be causing this.  

Uneven scar

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This is common and typically smooths out over the upcoming months. Follow all your surgeon's post-operative instruction for the best chance for the best result.

Uneven suture line

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It is much too soon to be concerned about very minimal differences.  Most of this is due to swelling and nothing more.  Follow your surgeons advice and see him/her should you be concerned.  Swelling on the upper flap is very common during the first few weeks to months until everything settles down.

Uneven suture line after a tummy tuck

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It appears as though the incision is lined up well. There seems to be a fullness of the tissues above the closure, possibly swelling. At a week out, it is impossible to tell and most likely this will not be a problem. Remember to take it easy, be patient, and keep your plastic surgeon involved in your healing process.

Joel M. Stewart, Jr., MD
Newnan Plastic Surgeon

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