Top of tongue numbness after Chin lipo. Any suggestions?

Hi - 5 days ago, I had the bbl with full body Lipo including the chin and ever since, the tip of my tongue has been severely numb. It's preventing me from eating n brushing my teeth properly. Is this normal.

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Tongue Numbness post Chin Lipo

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Thanks for your inquiry.You are still early in your postoperative period, but this numbness may not be due to the liposuction.It could be related to the tube utilized for anesthesia during surgery.This may just resolve on its own, but you can always follow up with your surgeon if you have any concerns.I hope this helps.

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Top of tongue numbness after Chin lipo. Any suggestions?

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Very rare complication that is sensory nerve related. Usually improves over a few weeks. Best to see your surgeon today!

Numbness of tongue is not normal

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Check with your doctor.  Numbness of the tongue after chin liposuction is not a normal problem.
It should resolve as the nerve is in a deep area and not likely to be injured.
Best wishes, Dr. Denkler

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