How often is surgery for breast augmentation postponed because of issues with pre op blood work?

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Postpone surgery due to lab

This is not often  but it is important that a patient be in top shape when they have the operation.Patient safety is always number one.

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Preparation after surgery. Some advices:

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us.

If you are a healthy person, which means, that you don't have cardiac diseases, diabetes, any coagulation alteration or others, it's very difficult to postpone surgery. Before any surgery, It is essential to make pre-op lab work and cardiovascular evaluation, they should be in optimal ranges, that allows us to make a safe procedure. It's very important to make a pre-op preparation before the surgery, advising the patient to take certain measures that helps to have a successful surgery with very good results.

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How often is surgery for breast augmentation postponed because of issues with pre op blood work?

100% of the time if there are truly abnormal blood test values that might effect you having a positive outcome. For example, anemia - low Hb/Hct, infection - high WBC, clotting issues - high PT/PTT, liver issues - liver profile test abnormal, dehydration - electrolytes abnormal. You DID NOT specify the abnormal tests???that caused your surgery to be cancelled....

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Women seeking breast augmentation are usually very healthy and the blood work ordered is sometimes not even necessary in most patients.  

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Breast augmentation

As per above. Most are young and healthy and the procedure is quick and easy with comparative low risk. It you do not have a history of health problems and are not pregnant it is unlikely that your pre-op blood work will be abnormal and thus unlikely that surgery would be cancelled

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Blood work

Most patients seeking breast augmentation are young and healthy.  It would be unlikely to have delays because of labs.  The most important test in the routine situation is blood count to check for anemia (even healthy woman with heavy menstrual cycle may be anemic).  If you have any known health issues, have your BCPS order your tests sooner than later as you may need to see other specialists and/or get additional tests.  Don't wait till last minute!!

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Pre-op blood work

Thank you for your question.  Bloodwork is based on pre-op risk assessment.   Any abnormal findings should be discussed with your surgeon prior to surgery, to help discuss whether or not surgery should be postponed. Examples could be a positive pregnancy result, low blood count, compromised kidney function, etc.  I would definitely discuss with your plastic surgeon if you have anything on your medical history that would merit additional screening.

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I can not recall ever delaying a breast augmentation for preop blood work but there is a first time for everything.  In my practice, if a patient is young and healthy we do not order any preop labs.  A pregnancy test is appropriate perhaps but with a straightforward breast augmentation a blood draw for other lab work is not deemed necessary.  I would recommend that you ask what labs were being tested and why there was a delay.  There may be a perfectly logical explanation.

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Pre-op blood work - Breast Augmentation

Most young, healthy patients' do not require pre-op lab work as part of the anesthesia clearance workup for a breast augmentation, so this is a challenging question without knowing your age or health history. There typically is very minimal blood loss and it's a short 45m-1h procedure. If you are more experienced in life or are sent for clearance due to a pre-existing medical condition then you're already at higher risk for abnormality and need that addressed and corrected as this is 100% elective surgery.

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How often is surgery for breast augmentation postponed because of issues with pre op blood work?

Thank you for your question.  In most cases women looking to obtain a breast augmentation are in good health, and preoperative blood work does not demonstrate any abnormalities that would require further work-up and postponement of surgery.  If there is a laboratory value that is significant, however, your physician will want to address it before any elective surgery.  Hope this helps. 

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