Rhinoplasty revision done 5 years ago. Do I have polly beak deformity and what can I do to make it better? (photo)

I had 2 rhinoplasty procedures done. The first one was an open rhinoplasty, 6 years ago, became a pollybeak deformity after a month or two. Then I had a revision rhinoplasty done a year later. It was a closed rhinoplasty. The surgeon did it for free which I am thankful for. For the first month I loved it but then the deformity fprmed again. I decided to forget about it for a while, but now I am considering my options again. Can this be fixed with a second revision rhinoplasty?

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You are exactly right . you certainly have a polybeak and an open revision can fix this and will give you a great result in experienced hands. You may be  little more prone to this if your skin is thick

Rhinoplasty Revision

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What your photos demonstrate is one of the more common post-Rhinoplasty problems. Operative notes would be helpful in possibly determining what led to this problem but ultimately an in depth consultation with an experienced Rhinoplasty surgeon will help to determine what the cause is. Frequently however, it may be the surgery that ultimately reveals just what the problem is. There is certainly hope that a third surgery will correct or significantly improve the appearance of your nose.  Best of Luck    Dr Harrell

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nandusama93, your photos are not the best but I do think that you have a pollybeak. Yes you can get this fixed. See an experienced facial surgeon with good photos. Do you homework and see the video. good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Supratip Deformity after Rhinoplasty

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Thanks for you post. Following an in-person consultation and complete examination with review of operative reports from your previous surgery, you may be a candidate for a second revision. A true polly beak deformity is the result of overreacted nasal structure and replacement by scar tissue/ fibrous tissue. If you had a true deformity, and your second procedure simply tried to clean out this scar/fibrous tissue apparently it did not work. Correction of a true deformity is difficult and may require making your nose bigger or augmenting your dorsum to reduce the space which creates the scar tissue in the first place. However, you may be suffering with a persistent supratip cartilage deformity from under treatment. In that case, a second revision to reconstruct this area maybe beneficial. The precise exam and reason for your current situation will need to be determined by your surgeon after consultation. Either way, you maybe an appropriate candidate to consider further revision rhinoplasty. It would be worthwhile to obtain an expert opinion or two as to how to best proceed. Best wishes. 

Fred J. Bressler, MD, FACS
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

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