Received a quote for $16,600. Is this a good price for a breast lift tummy tuck and liposuction of the hip rolls and back?

I went to a consult recently and received a quote for $16,600. Is this a good price for a breast lift tummy tuck and liposuction of the hip rolls and back? Thanks!

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Received a quote for $16,600. Is this a good price for a breast lift tummy tuck and liposuction of the hip rolls and back?

The fees vary from Region to Region, Practice to Practice, experience of a Surgeon, and how lengthy your surgery would be.Every patient is different . It's not in your best interests to use price as your sole and final determining factor for your procedure. The most important is the qualifications, knowledge and experience of a Surgeon

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$16600 for multiple procedures

first, be sure you chose a board certified plastic surgeon. Sexond, in Florida, a doctor can not remove more than 1000 cc of fat while doing any other procedure by law. So, be realistic and realize as others have mentioned, that price alone, high or low, does not determine the result you will get. Be realistic in your goals.

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Price for surgery

There are any number of good board certified surgeons in South Florida who would charge in that range. There are some that would be higher and there are some that would be lower. Our package fee for that would be in the range of $8,000 -$10,000 unless you were also doing breast implants which would add another $2K - $3K to the total cost. Price should not be your main consideration though it obviously is ONE consideration. There is ALWAYS someone. somewhere who will do it "cheaper".

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Depends on many variables

Prices can vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the surgeon, the area of the country, the surgical facility/anesthesia, and the length of time your surgery is predicted to take. It can be difficult to compare prices directly since you often do not know why the price is different between places. It can be because the surgeon is in high demand, because expensive "extras" like tissue glue or pain pumps are used, because the staff is more experienced, or even because the office or surgery center are in a high rent area. Given the amount of surgery you are having, this doesn't seem like an unreasonable quote for this area of the country. If you are unsure, you can always visit other board certified physicians to compare.

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The cost for the services you mentioned are not high in that area for a reputable Board certified plastic surgeon. Cost does vary by geography.  You can check around however remember, cheap is not necessarily better.  Reputable surgeon value their time and are incentivized to keep you happy as well. Last remember that it will cost you far more to redo things than to do it right the first time.

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Dr derby

Thank you for your question. This quote is a bit on the high side but it depends on the surgeon and the country/area where you want to operate. Close by are more affordable options. Best of luck 

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Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty/Liposuction/Vaser High Definition Procedures/Tummy Tuck Revision

I appreciate your question. Cost varies by geographic location, surgeon expertise, OR time, anesthesia, length of procedure etc.  I would recommend that you go to The American Society of Plastic Surgery website and look for a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area.  You can call their offices in advance and ask for quotes prior to scheduling consultations. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute #RealSelf100Surgeon #RealSelfCORESurgeon

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That is high for our area, but you should call other surgeons in your area and get quotes. Do not get quotes from any surgeons that do not have a good reputation and experience.Just for your comparison, in my practice the total cost of a mastopexy is $5000, tummy tuck is $5800 and lipo of hips is $2500, and there are discounts for multiple procedures.Good luck,Greg Sextom, M.D.Columbia, S.C.

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Breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction surgery price?

Thank you for your question. When it comes to cosmetic surgery prices vary a lot according to experience and board certification of the plastic surgeon, facilities, quality of the practice, region, etc… Cosmetic surgery in Colombia represents an increasingly attractive option for consumers looking for the ultimate combination of quality, price, availability, service, enjoyment, and value.  Prices for plastic surgery procedures can be very affordable, and often 30-50% less than in the United States and Europe.  When done with a board certified surgeon, patients can save thousands of dollars on cosmetic procedures while providing all of the safety and quality that they would receive in top U.S. and European centers.  Numerous factors help providers in medical tourist destinations reduce the costs of treatment.  These include lower employee costs, less cost associated with malpractice litigation and insurance, decreased overhead and facility fees, and limited involvement of third party payers.  These care alternatives can encompass a mini-vacation as well, and the superior value to healthcare consumers.  The overall price is remarkably lower for a variety of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in Colombia, even after including airfare, accommodation in a resort hotel, and 24-hour personal service. Several plastic surgery centers in Colombia also offer a complete medical tourism experience complete with comprehensive care packages, five star hotels in stunning locations, and exquisite personalized experience.  That said, you definitely have to choose your surgeon correctly and make sure that he/she has the training and experience to meet your goals with absolute safety. A key quality indicator is Board Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Don’t settle for less than a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with specialized expertise in this procedure.

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Received a quote for $16,600. Is this a good price for a breast lift tummy tuck and liposuction of the hip rolls and back?

Hard to respond because not enough info like Ht & Wt?, Medical issues, in hospital vs office surgery locale for surgery. For example if in office surgical suite sounds fee high vs in hospital operating room fee sounds very low. And of course NO POSTED PHOTOS.

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