My orthodontist wants me to remove baby tooth coz I'm missing an adult tooth underneath and get an implant for braces.

I'm 25 and have been told my baby tooth has strong roots but ortho says it must go for braces? How can I avoid that and still get braces?! Thanks!

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Should I have a baby tooth removed if no permanent tooth is present?

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Ideally, if no permanent tooth is present the space can sometimes be closed with orthodontic treatment
If not then we ask the following questions:
1. what is the prognosis of the baby many years can we expect to get with it?
2, can we live with the baby tooth in its current position?
3. Is the baby tooth functional (not sunk below the biting surface)?
4. How aesthetic is the baby tooth?
5. Can the patient afford an implant?
6  Can the patient tolerate the surgery necessary for the implant

Lots to think to your doc about these things

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